UX: Curators and Guides Available

This post is an outcome of a question that haunts designers often – ‘What do you do for a living?’. I am, most often, bothered about overselling or understating my competence. Read on.

When I sit down and think about an abstract version of what user experience is I do not reach a definite answer. Yet I believe that it is a lot closer to a curator, guide or an interpreter. If you take a set of information and tasks within a context, a user experience designer is converting them to bite size pieces of experiences. These experiences when strung together in a compelling sequence helps the user reach his/her goal.

User experience design, in my opinion, is a seamless blend of pragmatism, engaging emotional narrative and sensitivity to user and technology. In other words, designers build bridges that brings the user closer to any object, tool or system by scripting an experience. I have a lot of professionals call this ‘uncommon’ sense.

These user advocates need to be in solution definition teams to create successful products. We will talk about this soon.

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