7am Inspiration: Ralph Steiner

Yesterday as a part of my morning ritual I picked up my tablet and ran StumbleUpon on it. The first stumble was a quote.

Ralph Steiner was one of the early American photographers who worked along with Paul Strand in and around New York City during early twentieth century. Later he was a part of the avant-garde cinema movement. There was an inspiring quote that I read of his and this resonates with my personal creative goal.

Eventually I discovered for myself the utterly simple prescription for creativity: Be intensely yourself. Don’t try to be outstanding; don’t try to be a success; don’t try to do pictures for others to look at – just please yourself.
~ Ralph Steiner

He does not prescribe mediocrity. He suggests that you can be your most constructive critic if you choose to. And that is his path to glory. Moved me.

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