First stop for start ups: UX Clinic for compelling user experience

A compelling user experience can transform businesses. Experience-led start ups today are better positioned in the digital realm than businesses where UX is an afterthought. Know that compelling experience IS your product, your brand, your business, and your success. Designing a captivating experience for the user is a challenge for many start ups today. Apparatus Media Lab delivers just this with our UX Clinic for start ups.

When you shift your focus to defining the total experience, you move away from the limiting notion of Minimum Viable Product to the Minimum Desirable Product (MDP) – because products are nothing without the users, and users are driven by the totality, relevance, delight and the absorption of the whole experience.

Our UX Clinic helps you crystallize your core idea into a definitive experience, because you need to know how your business idea looks and behaves before you leave the room.

The UX Clinic is not just about blue sky exploration. It’s run in a high-energy, structured workshop mode with stakeholders, designers, and potential users and focuses on arriving at key user experience definitions and drivers for your business. The agenda would be to explore the following:

The Idea: The core offering, the problem that this business solves
The domain: Current scenario and the competitor landscape
The user: Audience, their current behavior and pattern of engagement
The brand: The persona and the value proposition

Distilling these will lead us to the definition of the opportunity and the experience for it. Specific directives would be arrived at for structuring the core idea. The experience would be represented through indicative prototypes and mood-boards. What you get, at the end of it all, is a total visualization of the trajectory of experience.

Your takeaways:

Clear value proposition and brand persona
Directives for the concept
Directives for user experience design

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PS: The day schedule will be published soon!

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