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Case Studies
Cottonworld has always stood for comfort and individuality. Clothing is a very individual thing and for natural clothing like that from Cottonworld, comfort is paramount. Cottonworld believes that entrepreneurship is also about individuality and comfort.
Project Print Ads, Hoardings, Booklets, Facebook page, Blog, Website
Client Cottonworld, Mumbai
Objective To conceptualize and implement an advertising campaign that reflected Cottonworld’s ethos
Scope Visual Design, Content Writing

Cottonworld has always been dedicated to natural clothing… with clean lines, soothing colours and natural fabrics, they have built a loyal fan base over the years.

Apparatus conceptualized a new campaign that focused on young and successful entrepreneurs who have chosen their own paths, nurtured interesting businesses and become successful. The tagline we created was “Your Comfort Zone” because comfort is about being yourself, whether it’s in the work you do. Or the clothes you wear.

This thought was extended to create print ads across the top metros in India, hoardings, booklets and the corporate website. We then created a Facebook fan page that aims to provide a platform for young entrepreneurs to exchange ideas. The Cottonworld blog demystifies business casual work attire and provides insights on how you can make the best of natural fibres, stay comfortable and remain in style.

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The Cottonworld 'Your Comfort Zone' campaign Successful entrepreneurs represent comfort in self-expression; be it in work, or the clothes they wear Comfort is about being yourself The campaign celebrates entrepreurial excellence
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