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Case Studies
Cottonworld is a fashion retail brand with loyal customers since the eighties. It needed to tune its personality to a contemporary and youthful feel while being classic and timeless. The brand identity was extended to the storefronts, point of sale, visual merchandising and advertising.
Project Brand Identity
Client Cottonworld Corp, Mumbai
Objective To create a contemporary brand experience through research, identity and communication.
Scope Identity Design, Visual Design, Brand Communication design and ongoing creative support.

On Being Authentic: Cottonworld began in 1965, in a small cult shop in Colaba. Loyalists across Mumbai flocked to Cottonworld for its genius with cotton. Today, the brand is still doing what it’s always done: crafting simple, classic garments from natural, comfortable cotton and other natural fibers.

Apparatus has been involved with Cottonworld in refreshing the brand. The directives were to evolve the brand, taking it from a family-run garment brand to a professionally run pan-India fashion retail chain.

Apparatus designed the brand identifier, the new tagline, usage guidelines and their advertising strategy for the summer/winter collections.

For Apparatus, Cottonworld was about understanding retail and the core intention of authenticity in a brand.

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The primary logo for Cottonworld The retail storefront design - vinyl on glass Summer Collection 2007 campaign sample Winter Collection 2007 campaign sample
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Click here to download sample pages of the Cotton World brand style guide.
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