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Case Studies
Intuit is a leading provider of business and financial management solutions. Intuit’s strategy is to develop and market products in India for Indian consumers. They required a website for their first financial software product.
Project Website Design
Client Intuit Inc, Bangalore
Objective To visualize and create a website for Intuit’s first product
Scope Information Architecture and Visual Design

Intuit Money Manager is an innovative personal financial tool that helps you smartly manage your money. The product consolidates views from multiple accounts, tracks and categorizes expenses, calculates taxes and sends you SMS alerts when you’re nearing a payment date or overshooting your budget.

Apparatus created the information architecture and visual design of the website. With the tagline, “Save Time, Save Money”, the product was presented in a user-friendly and cohesive manner. Each feature of this tool was categorized into one of three sections; Plan It, Track It, Grow It – providing an easy overview of the product’s capabilities. The challenge was to adhere to Intuit’s strict brand guidelines while still retaining the visual direction of the site.

According to several product reviews online, those who have tested the product give it high ratings and more than 85% of early users say they would recommend it to others.

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The stage area that shows you how to being saving money the smart way An overview of spending patterns in a clean and easy to understand graphic A page explaining the benefits of this money managing tool The media gallery for the Intuit Monday Manager site
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