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Case Studies
New Silk Route is an Asia-focused growth capital firm that is led by three stalwarts from the industry. Apparatus designed their website.
Project Corporate Website
Client New Silk Route, New York
Objective To design a website that showcases the top management’s experience and involvement.
Scope Visual Design

Under the leadership of Rajat Gupta, Victor Menezes and Parag Saxena; three men with impeccable track records of building and leading global organizations, NSR is a company with an excellent reputation. This needed to be extended to an online presence.

Apparatus devised a concept that revolved around the word “Evolve”. This was used to emphasize that NSR does not just invest, but sees a company through business cycles and helps it grow and adapt to the economy. The website we visualized gave prominence to each of the three top management; employing a section for each with the keywords – inspire, grow, lead. These sections showcased each member of the top management talking about the one key aspect company and its vision. This served to showcase the company’s biggest strength – its leadership. The visual direction of the site included the use of illustrations to create the look of a business magazine.

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The brand expression on the home page The corporate profile page The visual design carries on to the news page A page focusing on the company's advisors
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