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  1. A Timeline: Plotting Apparatus’ past and predicting a future

    Apparatus is going to be eight years next month. We are constantly trying to redefine ourselves as a creative business. Lately we have been pursued for partnerships from across Europe and I have been talking history. This presentation is to walk interested people through our progress, our competencies and our goals. Take a look at this presentation.

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  2. A formidable collaboration in the era of tablets: Garcia Media + Apparatus

    Working on Sakshi with Garcia Media was an acute learning curve for designers at Apparatus Media Lab. Dr Mario Garcia and I have been sharing ideas on taking our collective skills and knowledge to market in India. And it is official now!

    Dr Mario Garcia and Shiva Kumar met at Apparatus, Bangalore India, to draft the details of the alliance.

    New alliance for Indian publishing: Garcia Media and Apparatus join forces

    Garcia Media today announced a strategic alliance with Apparatus Media Lab the Bangalore-based team of communication design and technology professionals.

    We believe that India is already one of the world’s most exciting markets for publishing and communication, and this alliance with the young team of AML will enhance our ability to expand our participation in projects throughout India, while sharing expertise and synergies to take India Inc. into the digital revolution from mobile phone and Internet to tablets.

    Of course, both firms are internationally recognized for their work in print design, and that will continue to be a centerpiece of our alliance.

    “It is a time for alliances,” said Mario Garcia, CEO/Founder of Garcia Media.  “We live in an exciting and unparalleled period of constant change for the media, for the way we receive information and how we disseminate it.  Few, if any, consulting firms can provide all of the services that are needed, so we at Garcia Media believe strongly in forging team work that assembles the best and most talented group to tackle each project.  We worked with Apparatus before and found the experience to be mutually beneficial, thus our joy as we announce this new professional collaboration between our already well established firms.”

    “India as a market is at the cusp of using technology towards development,” says Shiva, executive director of Apparatus. “Obviously, Garcia Media is a global player in the fields of communication, publication design and taking media companies to the next level.  We at Apparatus understand the cultural nuances of the Indian market, something which is key to successful rethinking and branding. Garcia Media brings decades of expertise to the table, and ,together with Apparatus’ track record, we will create unsurpassed opportunities for our clients.”

    One of the first joint efforts of the two firms will be the planning of a seminar about Publishing/Branding in the  Era of the Tablet, to be held in Bangalore in October 2010. More details to be announced at a later date.

    Click here to read Mario’s take on this alliance.

    For more information about the firms visit Garcia Media and Apparatus Media Lab websites.

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  3. Going Vernacular

    I spent three days in Hyderabad doing a progress check and start developing the district tabloid for Sakshi, the newspaper that we designed along with Dr Mario Garcia of Garcia Media, Tampa, FL. Mario has published a new post on his blog that talks in detail about Sakshi, the newspaper (with a neat credit to Apparatus). Thank you Mario.

    Follow this link to read it.

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