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Case Studies
Coromandel endeavours to be a complete plant nutrition solutions company. In line with this aim they required a Touch Screen Kiosk that would provide comprehensive information about agricultural practices and products.
Project Touch Screen Kiosk
Client Coromandel International Limited, Hyderabad
Objective To create a touch screen kiosk that would educate farmers and students about agricultural practices and products in India.
Scope Visual Design, User Interface Design and Development

Contact Communication! The Coromandel Touch Screen Kiosk is a complete one stop for all agricultural queries and requirements. From sifting through endless amounts of data, to creating a visual design that was simple to navigate yet elegant, the Apparatus team created a Kiosk that was easy to use for anyone; from a farmer to an agricultural professor.

Large amounts of data were segregated intuitively to allow a user to easily find information like the cure for a disease or insect infestation or the best land management practice for a specific crop. Navigation was controlled to ensure that end solution wasn’t provided without key information being read first.

The Kiosk was completely developed in Flash with a contemporary and professional looking interface. The Kiosk is currently available in English and Telugu at many locations. There are plans for the Kiosk to be available across India in other languages soon.

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The home screen of the kiosk The Crops contents screen An in-depth look at Cotton Weed management in cotton crops
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