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Case Studies
Kotak Mahindra Bank is one of India’s leading financial institutions. Apparatus has conceptualized and designed their Annual Reports over a number of years.
Project Annual Report
Client Kotak Mahindra Bank Limited, Mumbai
Objective To understand what the client wants to communicated to its shareholders, conceptualize an appropriate theme, and extend it to the annual report.
Scope Visual Design

Every year, Kotak releases an Annual Report for its shareholders. Each year the designers at Apparatus are given a specific key message that needs to be communicated. We take this message and develop a concept that is then extended to the visual design of the report.

In 2009, when the entire economic fraternity was in shambles, Kotak had a specific message to deliver – in times of turbulence; prudence is a trait that will help you navigate through choppy waters. This message was distilled down to a visual metaphor – a compass.

Employing a strict colour palette of blue, red and black, we used a slab serif font for a formal, yet bold and edgy look. In an Annual Report, the key communication is the graphs and infographics. Despite the limitations of data representation, we created communicative and visually engaging graphics that resulted in a clean and contemporary report.

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A bold and edgy design A contemporary spread Infographics for easy consumption of information A visually engaging spread
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