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Case Studies
Sakshi, a leading vernacular daily newspaper for the state of Andhra Pradesh in India. In a time when very few or none of the colloquial newspapers were thought through, there was a comprehensive effort to design and brand a daily that would reach over a million people every morning.
Project Sakshi, the newspaper
Client Jagati Publications, Hyderabad, India
Objective To create a contemporary brand experience through research, identity and experience.
Scope Research, Identity design, Visual Design, Communication design and ongoing creative support.

Read Now! Sakshi was a newspaper conceived to break into a domain where things had not changed in the recent past. This meant, the users had get used to a new format.

Apparatus designed the newspaper along with Dr. Garcia of Garcia Media who are the leaders in newspaper design.

The project included extensive user study and understanding the local perceptions of politics, cinema, sport, lifestyle and other key news domains. Apparatus supported Garcia Media and delivered comprehensive page designs and guidelines to suit editorial demands.

Apparatus has also designed the online news portal and is currently engaged as a partner for design reviews across the main newspaper and the district editions

Considering that Sakshi was a late entrant into the market the editorial structure, design and the publicity made this the leading daily in less than 4 months.

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Launched in a refreshing new format using bold colors, Sakshi is already a popular vernacular daily. The sports page The entertainment page The online news portal for Sakshi
Dr. Garcia's blog post
Read this post on designing Sakshi and the collaborative effort between Garcia Media and Apparatus.
Read a sample sheet from the newspaper
The News Portal
Apparatus designed the news portal for Sakshi which delivers live news updates round the clock. Click here to visit the site.
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