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  1. Tilt Shift Love: A short homage to Bangalore in miniature – Little Bangalore

    I met Anup Kat of 1stDecember at Limoge, France while we were there to participate in a 24-hour web design challenge. Anup and his team are a smart group of youngsters with a great sense of aesthetics and a cohesive worldview. They are the new wave DIY, dirty-my-hands creative team and this homage to Bangalore is a perfect example. So, watch this lovingly made voyeuristic short on Bangalore – a sunny cheerful Koyaanisquatsi┬áset in our own beantown. Incidentally, 1stDecember did win the Limoge challenge.

    In their words: “Every great city in the world has a story that has been passed down the ages. The garden city of India is one such city. A home to countless people from all over the country, making a lifetime of memories. It may not be the best city in the world, but the spirit of its people is unmatched.

    This film is our take on the Bangalore we have grown to love. A tribute to our city and its people. This is the story of our ‘little Bangalore’.”

    Kudos Atul, Anup and team.

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  2. Designweek at Target: 19 Nov 2010

    Last month I was invited to present Apparatus and share thoughts on information design at the Target facility in Bangalore.

    Mr Rakesh Mishra giving Shiva a goody bag from Target

    Mr Rakesh Mishra who coordinated the Designweek program gave me a goody bag that was promptly looted by my daughters.


    Designers, technology engineers and marketing professional responded well to the concepts presented. I had a pretty long question and answer session with them post the talk.

    Target has always been my favorite chain when I am traveling in US of A. Their consistency of brand communication and overall product mix was always compelling. When I got invited for a group talk of sorts to discuss design and information design at that I happily accepted it. The audience were a good mix of technologists, marketing professionals and UX designers. I was happy to present my point of view and heard great responses from them.

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