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Commonfloor is a multi-tenant social network portal for dwelling communities like apartments, gated communities and other physically proximal groups of users. The product has three definite interaction areas - community, utilities and classifieds.
Project Product definition and User interface design
Client Commonfloor, Bangalore
Objective To create a social network utility for communities.
Scope Brand Identity, information architecture, interaction design and visual design.

Uncommon Network! Commonfloor is a social network created for neighbors in a community to interact, participate and share experiences. This also is a highly utilitarian website that helps users to log maintenance issues, post classifieds and find local information.

At Apparatus we created the initial concept map that defined information areas and an exhaustive sitemap to lock the navigation elements. The wireframes further detailed the pages with appropriate social media hygiene factors. The visual design was based on a magazine-like framework to lure users towards features and highlights. The classifieds were created with utmost care for ease of use and agility.

Commonfloor has been deployed in many residential projects as the single window collaborative universe between the dwellers.

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The brand identifier The website A community page A community page
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The Commonfloor Brand Design
Apparatus also designed the Commonfloor brand. Click here to read case study.
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