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Case Studies
International Trade Arms Regulation training is about reading miles of content. Apparatus converted this task into an experience styled after film noir style comic books. With a compliance detective called Max Blanca, video snippets, and more the course was a big hit with the learners.
Project Instructional Design and Development
Client Content Enablers. Great Falls, VA
Objective To design and develop an engaging courseware on International Trade Arms Regulation.
Scope To define the instructional strategy, to design the instructional model, visual design, navigation model, interaction design and a integrate the courseware.

Sleuthing Out the Non-Compliance! Team Apparatus was introduced to the subject of arms regulation through a huge document. We also got to learn that the trainees get a similar document. The document was complicated with many jargons and was not an engaging or educational. The challenge was to convert this into an engaging online learning tool.

In the first brainstorming session at Content Enablers office at Great Falls, VA we knew that we have to use a structure that the manufacturing companies are used to. We created the instructional structure and the navigation based on a generic business process. We called each node a Key Process Area (KPA). Each KPA had an overview, a set of scenarios and case studies. All these had to be threaded through with a singular concept.

After deliberating over the concept we finally arrived at the Film Noir detective comic book and Max Blanca was born. We scripted the overviews, created the strips for scenarios, photographed and constructed the case studies at our Bangalore studio. The video snippets of Max were shot with a talent and a voice talent recorded the noir-style voice over at Virginia.

The entire courseware took over three months to assemble and was delivered over the learning platform to the first set of learners right after. The courseware was well received by the learners.

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Max Blanca introduces the scope and the learning objectives. Key concepts presented across key process areas forming the navigation mechanism. Scenarios illustrated in comic book style representing the core knowledge of the courseware. Max Blanca, the compliance detective's note book capturing specific case notes.
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