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Case Studies
Content Enabler’s multi-tenant private label enabled learning platform was conceived, designed and developed at Apparatus. The process-centric platform allows corporate trainers to develop, manage, deliver and track training programs. And doing all this is easy.
Project Product Envisioning
Client Content Enablers. Great Falls, VA
Objective To conceptualize, create and integrate a multi-tenant model learning management system that supports private labeling.
Scope To envision the product, to define the information model, information architecture, navigation model, interaction design and a integrate in J2EE technology.

A Method to Mentor! US Federal Government has definite guidelines about companies engaging with them. These companies including defense contractor have to train all their employees in stipulated compliances. Content Enablers had a vision of creating an online training platform that will enable any corporate to create a private labeled learning portal to optimize travel cost and time.

Apparatus created a definite training process as the basic information model. This process started with defining the learner groups across geographies, defining courseware with variations for the business functions, porting the learner profiles online and ‘rolling out’ the courseware. This was translated into an intuitive user interface system over a back-end technology that supported user tracking and evaluation. The executive team of these companies will also get reports on learner responses.

Apparatus created all this with the learner and the business user in mind. Though the system was internally complex using it to train or to be trained was no rocket science. Today Content Enablers has over a fifty thousand employee-learners from premium companies on this platform.

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The compliance training homepage listing and intorducing the private labelled courses. Detailed user tracking interfaces with on demand and comprehensive reporting. Course configuration and customization screens to suit specific corporate training needs.
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