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Lifeblob is like personal diary with a social angle to it. It lets you capture the beautiful moments of your life on a timeline and connect pieces of your life with your friends and family. The Lifeblob system is made up of interconnected timelines which are introduced by user.
Project Re-branding and User interface design
Client Lifeblob, Bangalore
Objective To create a visual identity that ties together its brand and interaction design.
Scope Brand Identity, information architecture, interaction design and visual design.

Timeline Thyself! Lifeblob, a portmanteau word, can best be described as a system comprising of interconnected timelines where each timeline is a visual chronicle of an entity‚Äôs life. Lifeblob allows users to create timelines with content like text, video and images of their personal life, and any other topic they like. These content pieces are referred to as ‘Blobs’.

Entrusted with the task of giving the existing website, brand and functionality a solid makeover, Apparatus explored concept maps, wire-frames, navigational models and metaphorical approaches to give the system of Lifeblob, a unique identity. Apparatus was instrumental in bringing together the ability to create and browse chronologically arranged content together with social networking.

Today, Apparatus continues to be involved actively in the design and development of new features that are added periodically to Lifeblob.

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A visual chronicle of a life An inside page Exploring blobs A page to connect with friends and family on LifeBlob
Lifeblob Brand Design
Apparatus also designed the Lifeblob brand. Click here to read case study.
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