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Case Studies
MyGolfShots is a place where you can share and get golf tips, upload photos and videos and get expert guidance from other golfers.
Project Website
Client Hodges Digital Strategies, Virginia
Objective To create a platform for golf enthusiasts to connect
Scope Information Architecture and Visual Design

MyGolfShots is a platform for golf enthusiasts to share their experiences on different courses, and discuss and learn tips and techniques from golfing pros. It is a collaborative platform that allows users to generate content, work together and learn from each other’s experience.

Apparatus created a website that allows user to set their home course and find other local enthusiasts to play with. They can connect with friends and pros and receive updates, tips and news directly to their homepage. All golf courses are presented as a mosaic of photographs which then open up as a cinematic view of that particular course. This unique and engaging interface is what differentiates this experience.

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A site that builds and engages a community of golf enthusiasts A quick and easy way to share tips and tricks Update your profile and follow your favourite golfers The Sign Up page
Experience the website as it is today.
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